Owning a timeshare property you want to sell is a liability and a gross overhead in the expenses department. Once the use of a particular timeshare property is over, owning it further and incurring the maintenance charges would be seen as unnecessary expenses that could be avoided. But renting or selling a property is not that easy, especially since it is very hard to reach the right buyers.

Robert Sussman led Timesharerentorsell.com was created for this very purpose – to list and help sell the timeshare properties for a nominal fee. The listing of a property with timesharerentorsell.com ensures the maximum reach in the right market area and makes sure that the property also finds the interested buyers.


In accordance with the policies of Robert Sussman, a fair price guarantee is also announced, making sure that the seller is assured of finding a buyer with the company itself, in case no other buyers in the market are interested. Timesharerentorsell.com offers to buy the property at the end of the listing period if it is still unsold. The property is valued based on the current price rate for that particular real estate block in that area and the offer is made to the customer.


This ensures that there is always a potential buyer for the property even if it garners no one from the general market. The fair price guarantee has attracted many customers, all of them satisfied with the dealings. Maligning reports against Robert Sussman and timesharerentorsell.com are completely false and fabricated to counter the growing popularity of a transparent business scale that was gaining meteoric popularity due to the sheer volume of properties it has sold.

The company has sold and rented over thousands of properties across the US and are very popular.